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What Others are saying about Grandparents Parenting Again and Kinship Support Group

I received Ka'Lei when she was 6 days old. I was asked if I could keep her for 45 to 60 days until the CPS complete their investigation. She is now 7 years old, she'll be 8 in October, and I adopted her at the age of 18 months. Well, the State decided to terminate the parent's rights. I retired in 2007 and was ready to start living my best life. Well in 2012 I thought that I was taking a break from living my best life after raising my now 48-year-old son. Needless to say, GOD had other plans. Ka'Lei has been a joy in my life. Though she completely turned things around in my life. She keeps me active and on my toes. Ora this is just a peek into my life of parenting again and I would not mind sharing. So feel free to contact me if needed.

-Pamela Frank-

How I got my grandchildren is from their mother's womb to my home they've always lived with me back in 2018 I became their guardian because both parents are very neglectful and not taking care of the children properly God gave me the kindness in my heart and strength to go get the legal documents to keep them safe from harm and danger and as Ms.Ora said I would not have it any other way because their safety is my only concern they don't listen in yes it is aggravating to call children over and over again and haven't you do it over again but that's okay I rather they be hard-headed than harmed.

This is a long story..I have had most of my grandchildren over the course of 16 years. Each one had an expiration date I would like to say. The first came at less than a year. Amaya is her name. Her mom realized she had to take care of her so at 3 she took her child back and moved away. By age 5 -7 Amaya returned to go to school with my assistance. At age 4 another grandchild came into my home during the week to make certain she attended school daily that was Destiny. She stayed for a year then had to go back to mom for personal reasons. The next year she was back and moved in for several years. The last year her father, my son, selected a school and provided a routine for his daughter. Then the mother had some complication and needed her child back. Legal issues resulted and Destiny has been with her mother ever since...with her father and myself having irregular visitations. During this time Destiny's little brother fell in my lap since the age of 5 months. His name is Kwaku. It is now going into the 8th year he has been living with me. The court assigned guardianship to me. As a result all of my other grandchildren had to stay with there parents. It has been interesting.. joyful ..confusing...unexpected and a definite learning experience. God truly has been good to me and my children through all the ups and downs that life throws at us as grand parents.
-Jacqueline Poku-

I appreciate the help, concern & guidance of Ora Williams & her group Grandparents Parenting Again..When you are put in the position of having to give up your life to raise someone else's children you feel isolated, confused & hopeless, but by her taking her "lemons & making lemonade" it has helped me get past all of that. She brings us resources, information, gifts, fellowship, and most of all kinship amongst others in the same battle. The first time Ora invited me to go the the Grandparents Conference, I expected a few more then the usual 25, sometimes 30 grandparents from our bi-weekly meetings. I was shocked and amazed by the hundredz ( yes with a z ) of grandparents with stories of raising children again. It is an honor and a pleasure to be amongst these seniors whose hearts, lives & minds have dedicated themselves to allowing their grandchildren the opportunity to be safe, fulfilled & loved, despite the enormous unexpected change in what we finally thought was our chance to live our lives.

-Kathleen Hurd-

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